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When we say "any city, any event, anytime" we mean it. Show Time Rentals is proud to be a New Orleans based company, supplying Audio Visual resources throughout Louisiana and assisting meeting and event planners nationwide, servicing events in the Gulf Coast states and venues from Connecticut to California. We are at home in convention centers, 5-star hotels, and your local restaurant. Our experience, flexibility and nimbleness mean you can rest assured that your event will be a success whether it is within walking distance or hundreds of miles away.

Show Time Rentals is your (portable) ON button!


Show Time Rentals LLC
Show Time Rentals LLC


Show Time Audio Visual provides all of your tradeshow technical needs: Computers, LEDs (from 24" to 90"), Booth PA, Lighting and even Video Walls. AV for any size booth.

Show Time Rentals LLC
Show Time Rentals LLC


Show Time provides Audio Visual services for any size meeting. Projection, PA, and PowerPoint to iPads, PCs and Podiums. Our AV expertise shows where it's most important -- making you look good. 

Show Time Rentals LLC
Show Time Rentals LLC


Your larger events need Show Time Audio Visual production. Large format projection, Large venue PA, and Large stage lighting is but a small Audio Visual feat to the AV staff. Interactive events, audience response, and recordings will always be handled with competence and quality.

Show Time Rentals LLC
Show Time Rentals LLC


Take Show Time's powerful yet affordable Audio Visual experience with you! Multiple events in multiple cities need only one expert AV  provider. Your event will be flawlessly produced time after time with our unparalleled customer service well within your budget.

Show Time Rentals LLC
Show Time Rentals LLC


Save travel expenses with Show Time Video Conferencing. Make an effective statement nationwide or even worldwide with Show Time interactive webcasting events. Any Place. Any Time. Any number of attendees.

Layla Nichols, Training Project Manager

Gets Better Every Year

Our technical symposiums consist of of over 75 speakers presenting information over a 3-day period to hundreds of members. The challenges are numerous. When it comes to the technical aspects of our annual event, though, I never have to worry. I simply call Show Time Rentals. From PA systems to HD Projection, to file distribution throughout the venue, the staff at Show Time Rentals has proven to be knowledgeable and efficient. Their suggestions on how to more effectively collect and distribute the presentations so that every speaker in every room can walk in and know their file(s) will be ready to go, have been invaluable. Our New Orleans symposium continues to get better every year. Thank you to Pamela Berrigan and her crew for your continued and excellent efforts.

Aleksy Szarowski, School Community Relations Coordinator

No Dropouts - No Problems

We had a terrific experience with the Show Time Rentals Audio Visual team at the School Dropout Prevention Summit in September 2017. I cannot speak highly enough of the work that Sal Chappita and the rest of the team did to ensure that our event was an overwhelming success. From the beginning, Sal proved to be an exceptional partner. He attended various site visits, spent time on the phone carefully walking through details, made sure he had us the right podiums and the best audio system, and visited both the Hyatt New Orleans venue and the academy on several occasions to get questions answered. It is like a world class orchestra, the way the team works. We could not have organized a state of art conference without Sal's contributions and the entire Show Time Audio Visual team. I am so grateful for the partner I found. Thank You!

Louis Coleman

Thank You So Much For The Great Service!!

Getting a new service past the church board is never an easy task, but we are all very excited for our new Worship Service Video System. Working with Show Time has been a pleasure from start to finish. Our monitors look great. The system works perfectly. And Bill did a great job at training our production staff on how to use everything.

Thanks again to ALL the Show Time Rentals staff. You are truly THE Audio Visual company of New Orleans.

Shakil Moghadam, Project Director, Technical Training

This team never stops amazing me

I have been producing multiple training events for our automation and task management software each year for over 15 annual cycles. We found Pamela and her team at Show Time Rentals 7 years ago. The difference in the quality of computer and audio visual production was apparent from the start. Our training seminars take us to multiple cities throughout the year, and everywhere we go, we can count on Show Time Rentals to be there with the right equipment, the right staff, the right suggestions, and plenty of backups. Our classes never never miss a beat, and the expertise of the staff never ceases to amaze. I am very happy that the Show Time Rentals Audio Visual family has become a part of our growing family.