Whether it’s your 1st, your 10th or even your 100th event, planning and executing is not only exciting, but stressful. No matter how many times you’ve done this, there will always be new challenges as well as new obstacles. It keeps you on your toes. It also can do all sorts of things to your blood pressure that aren’t so good. It seems the more experienced you are, the more you begin your event tense and anxious, waiting for someone to run up…”The microphones aren’t working.” or “We cant connect the presenter’s laptop to the projector.” And that’s why partnering with the right Audio Visual provider is so important. Among other things, the right AV provider will help relieve that stress and let you feel that everything will go just fine. You are properly prepared. Your checklist is complete. Your event is safe. Your hair is still intact.

Audio Visual Technology is ever changing and advancing. It seems that every venue has different rules. Every event is different. Because of this, it is important that you have a plan for handling anything that may come in between you and a memorable meeting. An Audio Visual check list will not only help you organize the details, it will help you make sure that every area is prepared every step of the way, far enough out that the excitement of the event does not become the anxiety of a lifetime. After all, AV elements are some of the key components of a successful event and you want to ensure that it goes off without a hitch.

Download your Show Time Rentals Events AV Checklist here

Now that you have a copy of the checklist, let’s take a look at the different areas and the timeline of items to help ensure your success. As you partner with Show Time Rentals, you will quickly start feeling assured that your AV requirements will be handled in the highest quality with a customer service focused, approach.  Now you can plan your event and simply verify that all of the boxes are checked to ensure that your event reaches its full potential.


Pre-Event Planning

  • Verify adequacy of high speed Internet access,
    wireless access points
  • Verify broadband width – satellite capabilities, etc.
  • Estimate ceiling heights
  • Check for ceiling obstructions (low chandeliers)
  • Sketch your desired A/V placement
  • Note outlet and Internet drops
  • Note where doors and windows are located
  • Any entrance or exit OK to block for A/V set-up?
  • If windows and mirrors, can they be covered?
  • Note any space obstructions (columns, built ins)
  • In-house sound system in every room? Test.
  • Built in screens located on side with no doors?
  • Union regulations and restrictions

Verify Onsite Capabilities

  • Pre-con meeting for program review / orientation
  • Orientation for volunteer monitors
  • Early a.m. check of AV set-up for each function
  • Oversee rehearsal with AV techs and key players
  • Early a.m. check of speaker-ready room

Verify Equipment Requirements

  • Desktop and/or laptop computers – Do they need to be
  • Monitors – Size? LCD or LED? Video source for the monitor
    (computer, DVD, thumb drive, iPad, etc.)
  • Touch screen monitors
  • Copiers or laser printers
  • Copier functions needed: staple, collate, duplexing,
    internet connection
  • Microphones – wireless and wired, indoor or outdoor
  • Microphones – handheld and lavaliere
  • Microphones – table and floor stands
  • In-house sound system OK or supplemental needed
  • Portable sound system required (yes for musicians)
  • Amplifiers
  • Mixer boards
  • Video cameras
  • CD/DVD/Video players
  • Two-way radios – reception capabilities in all areas
  • Projectors – built in or special order, front or rear
  • Screens – tripod or fast-fold
  • Dress kits for screens
  • Extra toner cartridges
  • Accessories: flipcharts, easels, white boards, markers, erasers
  • Supplemental lighting needed
  • Electric ok or additional needed
  • Staging built-in or risers needed
  • Podium – with or without microphone
  • Special effects
  • Technicians needed for duration of program
  • Speaker ready room (green room)
  • Scooters and/or other ADA needs

45 Days Out

  • Confirm with all speakers and presenters
  • Establish with Show Time Rentals an A/V matrix of equipment
    needs per day, hour-by-hour, room-by-room, speaker/topic
  • Confirm A/V timeline with Show Time Rentals

30 Days Out

  • Re-confirm with all speakers and presenters
  • Update A/V matrix with Show Time Rentals (ongoing)
  • Schedule on-site rehearsal/time line review
  • Assign volunteers to attend/monitor each function
  • Notify Show Time Rentals if major changes anticipated
  • Distribute A/V matrix and timeline 2 weeks in advance

On Site

  • Pre-con meeting for program review/orientation
  • Early a.m. check of A/V set-up for each function
  • Early a.m. check of speaker ready room
  • Orientation for volunteer monitors
  • Oversee rehearsal with Show Time Rentals and key players

Follow this checklist and you will be sure that every area of your AV needs is covered and that no Audio Visual milestone goes unturned in your preparations. It cannot be stressed enough how important preparation is to the success of an event. Knowing exactly the challenges you’ll face and how you’ll overcome them is the best way to overtake Audio Visual hurdles quickly and efficiently. Your staff, clients and guests will all be grateful for a smooth event. And there is no substitution for having standards in place to help them navigate with ease the tricky and unpredictable waters of event planning with ease.

At Show Time Rentals, we truly become your AV partner in helping you plan your event as well as handle your continued Audio Visual needs throughout your event. More often than not, AV quickly becomes to tricky and technical – you can easily find yourself over your head. Reach out to us at 504.883.7329 or you can take the first step of requesting a quote by clicking here. We are New Orleans proud, but we are a nationwide Audio Visual Service Provider. We will be more than happy to help, and rest assured, we have this checklist covered and a whole lot more!